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HW16 Single Reduction Drive Axle

Our HW16 single reduction drive axle can be adapted for road vehicles. Two velocity ratios are available as choice, including 3.73 and 4.22.

1. Our single reduction drive axle is provided with the single-stage hyperbolic gear reduction as well as the differential gear adopting precision forging technology. The structure of main gearbox is reasonably designed.
2. The axle housing has large area and high load-bearing capacity. Both axle housing and spindle nose take advantage of friction welding technique.
3. The wheel hub possesses reinforced structure, which adopts a fully floating half shaft. The lubricating oil serves to lubricate the hub bearing.
4. The brake utilizes the steel plate press-welding type wide brake shoe, as well as the unequal thickness of friction lining.

Main Parameters
Model HW1667 (single axle)
Form Central single reduction, Press-welding axle housing
Rated Axle Load (kg) 13000
Velocity Ratio 3.73/4.22
Distance between the Centers of Leaf Spring Seats (mm) 1010
Distance between Tires (mm) 1850
Brake φ419 (drum type) ×219 ("Q-Plus") brake
Weight (excluding leaf spring seat and lubricating oil) (kg) 770
Lubricating Oil GL5 EP 80W-90, GL5 EP 85W-140

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