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HW12706TC Series Medium Duty Auto Transmission

This HW12706TC series medium duty auto transmission is designed with an all-synchromesh as well as one intermediate shaft. It provides various forms of manipulation. For instance, this product can be operated under the control of double lever on both left and right sides.

Our medium duty auto transmission can be suited for matching road vehicles and engineering vehicles with the input torque of 900-1100Nm. The HW70-03 power takeoff is available as choice.

Main Parameters
Model Rated Input Torque (N·m) Weight (kg) Volume of Fuel (L) Total Length (mm) Optional Aluminum Housing
HW12706T 1200 312 12 (12.5) 834 No
Velocity Ratio of Each Gear
Model Velocity Ratio of Each Gear
1 2 3 4 5 6 R
HW12706T 9.204 5.19 3.102 1.983 1.343 1 8.719
Optional Models and Parameters of Power Take-off
Model Output Rotation Direction (compared with engine) Velocity Ratio Rated Output Torque (N·m) Output Form Direct-gear Output Velocity Ratio Over-gear Output Velocity Ratio
HW70-03 Same   700 Flange 1.05  

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