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WD415 Series Generator Set Diesel Engine

Our WD415 series generator set diesel engine possesses the rated output power range from 40kW to 75kW. Its rated frequency falls into 50Hz and 60Hz. The dynamical system adopts WD415 series diesel engine, and its power ranges from 138kW to 177kW. The generator set in batch production is able to stably reach the Euro Ⅱ emission standard.

Main Technical Parameters
Model 40GF-H415 50GF-H415 75GF-H415
Rated Power (kW) 40 50 75
Rated Rotational Speed (r/min) 1500
Rated Frequency (Hz) 50(60)
Rated Voltage (V) 400/230 400/230 400/230
Rated Current (A) 72.2 90.2 135.3
Power Factor (lagging) 0.8
Phase Number 3
Noise dB (A) 93
Cooling Method Closed water-cooling
Speed Regulating Method Electronic speed control
Starting Method DC24V electrical starting
Low-temperature Starting Method By means of heating diethyl ether
Total Weight (kg) 1100 1250 1450

The picture and parameters are provided above for reference. They are subject to change without notice.

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