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Sinotruk Light Truck

Our Sinotruk light truck is a brand new product, which is developed by combining 50 years of experience in heavy duty truck design with over a decade of market research, and taking example by the design philosophy of MAN company.

This series product covers all light truck types with the gross weight from 2ton to 16ton. Distance between axles ranges from 2.6m to 5.6m. The driving form can be divided into 4×2 type and 6×2 type. Power covers a range from 75PS to 116PS. The truck cab provides three kinds of width, including 1760mm, 1880mm, and 2080mm. Its structure also falls into single, extended, and double cab.

The whole vehicle is classified as cargo type, box type, stake type, canvas covered type, dump type, as well as various special truck types.

1. Truck Cab
This Sinotruk light truck cab absorbs the modeling concept of the latest A7 cab launched by Sinotruk Company, whilst taking example by the appearance of the most popular light truck cab at home and abroad. It is beautiful and elegant in appearance, and its interior design is luxurious and comfortable. This type vehicle is another achievement of China Sinotruk after putting HOWO A7 cab on the market.

The cab body has three different widths, such as 1760mm, 1880mm, and 2080mm. Each width is the widest among the domestic similar vehicle types. Moreover, the cab offers larger driving space and higher comfort. Each width of cab can be further divided into single type and extended type in terms of different structure. The 1760mm width type has an additional double-cab structure.

Under the length permitted by laws, the single cab can make certain the maximum cargo length, and satisfy the cargo transport demands to the greatest extent. With rear sleeper, the extended cab can offer users a rest space, and also meet the needs of medium-distance transportation and waiting time of users. The double cab can accommodate 5 persons, which can satisfy the requirements of customers for carrying both cargos and persons. Diversified types of cab can fit the needs of different transport environments and customer groups. They provide clients with multiple choices.

The newly designed and combined headlight is beautiful and fashionable, which adds a fresh and dynamic feeling to the whole cab. The bumper and front/rear fender are elaborately designed, thus improving the appreciation effect of the whole vehicle.

2. Engine

The engine of Sinotruk light truck has different series from 485 to 4102. Its power covers a range from 60kW to 90kW. Each series of engine adopts the most mainstream product from the mature manufacturer in China. Considering distinct market characteristics in plains and mountains, the matching engine ought to be different. The 485 series makes use of Quanchai, Changchai, Xichai, or Sida engine. The 490 series utilizes Xichai, Sida, or Quanchai engine. The 498 series adopts Dachai engine. The 4100 and 4102 series use Chaochai or Yunnei engine.

Each series of engine absorbs the most mature technology in the domestic light truck industry. It is the most recognized engine type by the market. Its system configuration is optimized. The spare parts are characterized by high degree of reinforcement, reliable operation, and long service life. Other advantages include perfect market service network, convenient maintenance, as well as fast and considerate services.

3. Gearbox

This Sinotruk light truck puts to use our own HW20505TCL, HW25505TCL, or HW35505TCL aluminum-housing gearbox. The gearbox possesses single intermediate-shaft simple structure. The drum type box body is constructed from die-cast aluminum, featuring high strength, great stiffness, and light weight. There are 5 forward gears and one reverse gear. All gears take advantage of helical-gear constant mesh transmission, thus providing great carrying capacity, long service life, and low noise. All forward gears adopt a synchronizer for gear shifting. The reverse gear is changed by the sliding sleeve. The gear shifting operation is really flexible and easy. The structure of one shift fork shaft is simple.

4. Front Axle and Rear Axle

Front axle of this type truck can be divided into 1.5, 2, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7, and 2.8 tons. Among them, the 2.2ton and 2.8ton front axles are disc-brake front axle assembly used for new type light trucks. They are created and developed by China Sinotruk on basis of introducing the advanced MAN technology.

With rational design, this front axle assembly are configured with the lightweight front axle beam, the integrated steering knuckle, the internationally renowned brand of wheel bearing units, as well as the self-developed 16inch disc brake assembly achieving the world leading technology, among others. The assembly has reached the international advanced level in terms of reliability, carrying capacity, and other aspects.

Performance Advantage: The front axle beam is characterized by optimal design and proper structure. It is lightweight, safe, and reliable. The steering knuckle has realized the pioneering integrally-forged structure within the domestic light truck industry. It helps reduce deadweight. Also, it is stable, reliable, and simple to assemble. Unconventional wheel bearing units are applied, featuring convenient assembly and disassembly, long service life, and no maintenance. The matching P16WA disc brake is independently developed by China Sinotruk. It helps improve the braking stability, security, and comfort. Conforming to the international test specifications, this brake has gone through the bench test. All test results reach the international indicators, equivalent to the performance of world renowned brand of brake.

The rear axle is classified as 3.5, 4.2, 4.5, and 5.5 tons. The 3.5ton and 4.2ton rear axles are mature products in the Chinese light truck industry. Striking advantages include great torque, strong carrying capacity, as well as easy maintenance. The 4.5ton and 5.5ton rear axles are innovated and developed by China Sinotruk by introducing the progressive MAN technology. They are stable and reliable, possessing exceptional structure and strong load-bearing capacity.

5. Frame

Based on different carrying capacities, the frame of Sinotruk light truck selects distinct height of chassis above ground, such as 152mm, 170mm, 195mm, and 215mm. Finite element analysis is applied for the optimal design of frame structure, which makes the structure reasonable. Our frame has gone through the high-strength steel stamping process, and the whole frame structure adopts riveted design.

Moreover, the partially occupied double-layer structure is applied to the leaf spring bracket, the front overhang of car body, and other load-bearing parts. This can not only make certain the load bearing, but also reduce the dead weight. Remarkable features include light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, convenient maintenance, as well as high security.

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