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Sinotruk Excavator

Our Sinotruk excavator belongs to the Haidou brand series product, which is developed by China Sinotruk Group Haidou Construction Machinery Division. Its engine, hydraulic system, and other core components adopt the superior-quality imported brands. Thus, this product can guarantee the requirement for high reliability. Its appearance is harmonious and elegant, which is comparable to the first band within this industry. Currently, there are four machine types, including HW130-8, HW240-8, HW330-8, and HW360-8.

Core Technology: The intelligent power matching between engine and hydraulic system can not only make certain the best possible use of engine power, but also realize high fuel economy and operational efficiency of all working conditions. It is our proprietary technology.

Product Highlights
1. Both engine and hydraulic system are high-level configurations in this industry, thus securing the performance and reliability of Haidou Brand.
2. This Sinotruk excavator adopts the mature and reliable structural components that are manufactured in accordance with Komatsu KES standard.
3. The three-stage filtration system can offer sufficient air intake, smooth air discharge, as well as wonderful heat dissipation. It is able to protect the engine for a long time.
4. The non-breathable hydraulic oil tank makes sure that the hydraulic oil cleanliness is well controlled. It is proprietary technology. For better protecting hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil temperature is also under control.
5. The Sinotruk excavator gives full play to the engine power, providing high efficiency and energy saving. It is proprietary technology.
6. The side door and other covering parts utilize the electrophoretic primer as well as high-temperature stoving varnish technology. In this way, they are allowed to have high-standard appearance quality and high durability.
7. The GPS intelligent information service system serves to remotely monitor the equipment and avoid risk. It locks the car in compliance with the working hour that has been set. This system clearly knows the operating state, featuring high security and powerful functions.
8. The driver's cab offers broad vision and low noise. It is configured with the adjustable and hydraulically damped seat, which gives a great damping effect. The large power of air conditioning makes the driving environment relaxed and comfortable.
9. Lubricating points are characterized by centralized distribution. The filter of air conditioning is placed outside. The diesel fuel filter element is put at the edge of pump chamber. Electrical components possess such features as centralized distribution, convenient maintenance, concise piping layout, and easy detection.
10. Moreover, our Sinotruk excavator comes with a colorful and multi-functional monitor.

Dynamical System
This Sinotruk excavator is installed with such advanced configurations as the Commins engine imported with original packaging, the three-stage filter, as well as the turbocharger and the air to air intercooler, among others. Our Sinotruk excavator meets the Euro II emission standard.

Working Device
The structure of key components is optimized by adoption of finite element and other tools, which gives more reasonable stress distribution, higher strength, as well as longer service life.

Our Sinotruk excavator is designed with the enhanced type swing arm and bucket rod. Its important parts make use of forgings and castings. Between the swing arm and bucket rod, there is a welded diaphragm for reinforcement.

Electrical System
The 5.7″ high-definition color display provides users with four kinds of commonly used working modes (A) and knob (K) arbitrary rotational speed for option. Thus, it can be accustomed to the demand for different working conditions. The effective combination of engine and hydraulic system helps increase the working efficiency and decrease the fuel consumption rate. The control interface has 8 main functional areas. The operating ambient temperature ranges from -40℃ to +85 ℃.

Smart Power Control System
Our Sinotruk excavator adopts the full-power smart control system with proprietary intellectual property rights. This system perfectly integrates the mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic properties. It features high efficiency, fuel saving, as well as outstanding operating performance.

The smart power control system serves to monitor a series of parameters of engine, such as rotational speed. As the external load increases, both pump power and engine load will be raised. When the load increase makes the rotational speed of engine decrease to the limit value, our electronic control system will automatically reduce the power of pump. Otherwise, this system will increase the pump power to achieve the proper power matching between engine and hydraulic system.

Main Configurations
Vehicle Type Operating Weight Rated Power Standard Bucket Capacity Bucket Digging Force
HW130-8 full hydraulic crawler excavator 12980kg 85.4 kW/2200rpm 0.53m3 80kN
HW240-8 full hydraulic crawler excavator 23800kg 133kW/2000rpm 1.2m3 158kN
HW330-8 full hydraulic crawler excavator 31600kg 186kW/2200rpm 1.4m3 208kN
HW360-8 full hydraulic crawler excavator 33400kg 186kW/2200rpm 1.6m3 228kN

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