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Sinotruk Special Vehicle

This Sinotruk special vehicle refers to the car for special purposes, or the vehicle that exceeds the designed vehicle gauge in terms of dimension, weight and other aspects. It has been specially made or refitted. Also, it is equipped with fixed devices. Its basic function is not designed for the transport of persons or goods. Our vehicle is responsible for specialized services. It hangs a special-vehicle license plate, and comes with alarms and identification lamps. This kind of automobile includes securicar, ambulance, fire truck, police car, breakdown lorry, military supervision car, and some others.

The Sinotruk special vehicle can be wheel type or crawler type, which provides such functions as pulling, cleaning, lifting, loading, blending, excavating, bulldozing, and rolling, among others. When internally built with fixed special instruments, our vehicle can be engaged in monitoring, fire-fighting, cleaning, medical treatment, television relay, radar, X-ray inspection, and other fields. We can provide plenty of representative special vehicles with wide applications, such as dump truck, sweeper, cementing truck, fracturing truck, road wrecker, overhead working truck, concrete pump truck, snow removal machine, and some others.

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