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6x6 All Wheel Drive Truck

6x6 All Wheel Drive Truck STEYR 6×6 All Wheel Drive Truck Chassis Small Sized STEYR 6×6 Truck for United Nations Peacekeeping Force Small Sized STEYR 6×6 Truck in Army Green Color
Small Sized STEYR 6×6 Truck in White Color Small Sized STEYR 6×6 Truck in Camouflage Small Sized STEYR 6×6 All Wheel Drive Dump Truck

This 6x6 all wheel drive truck is developed by China Sinotruk which comprehensively applies the world's advanced automobile technology and selects the dependable assembly components.

The HOWO 6×6 all wheel drive truck falls into three series, including transportation, dump, and tractor. Its power varies from 290 to 380Ps. In common cases, our truck is assembled with China Sinotruk WD615 Euro-Ⅲ turbocharged water-cooled diesel engine. If required by our customers, the optional Euro-Ⅱ engine can be offered.

Main Specifications
Vehicle Model ZZ2257M 3857C1 ZZ2257M 4357C1 ZZ2257M 4657C1 ZZ2257M 5257C1 ZZ2257M 5857C1 ZZ3257N 3857C1 ZZ4257N 3557C1
Overall Dimension (Length × Width× Height) (mm) 8868× 2496×3110 9568× 2496×3110 10068× 2496×3110 10968× 2496×3110 11768× 2496×3110 7578× 2496×3110 7178× 2496×3110
Gross Weight (kg) 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000 25000
Dead Weight (kg) 10210 10300 10350 10440 10510 9710 9800
Max. Driving Speed (km/h) 76 76 76 76 76 67 75
Distance between Axles (mm) 3800+1400 4300+1400 4600+1400 5200+1400 5800+1400 3800+1400 3500+1400
Engine Model WD615.92C WD615.95C WD615.95C
Rated Power (kW/r/min) 198/1900 221/1900 249/1900
Max. Torque (N·m/r/min) 1190/1200~1500 1340/1200-1500 1490/1200-1500
Clutch φ430mm diaphragm spring clutch
Gearbox Model HW15710C HW19710
Velocity Ratio 10.73 7.98 5.91 4.38 3.29 2.45 1.82 1.35 1.00 0.75 R1 10.49 R2 2.39 14.28 10.62 7.87 5.88 4.38 3.27 2.43 1.8 1.34 1.00 R1 13.91 R2 3.18
Drive Axle STR cast front steering drive axle, ST16 rear drive axle, velocity ratio of 5.73
Steering Gear ZF8098
Transfer Case Model 1200 2000
Transmission Ratio (high grade/low grade) 1.00/1.75 0.89/1.536
Braking Type Service braking: dual-circuit, pneumatic braking
Parking braking: (manual braking) energy-storage spring type braking
Truck Cab HOWO76 truck cab
Electrical System HOWO electrical system, 24V, Negative earth
Tire 12.00-20
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 400
Optional Type of Engine WD615.92C, WD615.97C WD615.95C, WD615.96C WD615.95C, WD615.96C

All parameters and details are subject to commercial contract and commercial vehicle.

Components and Performance
The driver's cab shows distinguished passive safety performance in line with the global advanced level. It is installed with four-point suspension system as well as lateral stabilizing device, which makes our drivers feel quite comfortable. In addition, it is configured with a China Sinotruk HW gearbox, a diaphragm spring clutch, a 1200/2000 type transfer case, a reinforced type front/rear drive axle, a WABCO braking system, and a ZF steering gear, among other advanced assembly components.

The whole vehicle makes use of the CAN bus communication technology as well as VDO instrument. In this way, the reliability of electrical system can be significantly enhanced. The VOSS quick plug joint allows the braking system to have great sealing performance and high security.

This HOWO 6×6 all wheel drive truck can operate on oilfields, mines, forestry, and other areas. It can serve as a transport truck, a variety of fuel tanker and oil filling truck, as well as distinct equipment transportation chassis. Its suitable applications include off-road transportation, equipment hauling, fire-fighting operation, and all kinds of special-purpose equipment vehicle refitting.

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