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Crane Truck

A crane truck is also known as a truck with loading crane, or a truck-mounted crane. This product is a kind of equipment which depends on the hydraulic lifting and retractable system to lift and turn the cargos. It is generally mounted to the cargo truck.

The truck gives wide applications in all kinds of handling, installation, and lifting operations. It is particularly ideal for the field lifting operation, rescue operation, as well as the narrow space operations, such as stations, ports, warehouses, and construction sites, among others.

This crane truck utilizes the domestic famous crane as well as hydraulic pump system. It can accord with the requirement of users to select the cargo compartment or crane with different lengths or tonnages. This product possesses great power, high speed, strong gradeability, high lifting height, as well as large working range. It can realize fast elevating process, providing high efficiency and energy conservation. This type truck is flexible, convenient, safe, reliable, and highly efficient.

Main Technical Parameters
Truck Model ZZ1257N4647W
Dimension (L×W × H) (unloaded) (mm) 10350×2496×3710
Dimension (L×W × H) (inside) (mm) 7000×2326×800
Crane Type Straight boom crane
Lifting Capacity of Crane (kg) 10000
Approach angle/ Departure angle (°) 16/9
Overhang (front/rear) (mm) 1500/3295
Wheel Base (mm) 5825+1350
Max Driving Speed (km/h) 90
Curb Weight (kg) 15300
Rated Load Capacity (kg) 9570
Engine (Steyr technology, made in China) Model WD615.69, water-cooled, four strokes, 6 cylinders in line with water cooling, turbocharged and intercooling, directly injection
Fuel Type Diesel
Max. Power (kW/rpm) 336HP
Emission EURO 2
Oil Tank Capacity (L) 300
Gearbox Model HW15710, 10 forward gear, 2 reverse gear
Braking System Service Braking Dual-circuit pneumatic braking
Parking Braking Spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Steering System Model ZF8098 right-mounted
Front Axle HF7 drum, Steering with double T-cross section beam
Rear Axle HW1697, pressed axle housing, central double reduction with differential locks between axles and wheels
Tire Specification 12.00 steel-wire tire
Electrical System Battery 2X12V/165Ah
Alternator 28V-1500kW
Starter 7.5kW/24V
Cab HOWO 76 single-sleeper cab, 55º tilting to the front, 3-speed windshield wiper, laminated windshield glass, hydraulic damping-adjustable driver seat, rigidity-adjustable passenger seat, heating and ventilation systems, sun visor, stereo radio/cassette recorder, safety belts and adjustable steering wheel, air horn, four-point full-floating suspension and damping device, with air conditioner.

How to Use and Maintain the Hydraulic Cylinder
The hydraulic cylinder of a crane truck acts as a vital part of hydraulic boom. In the use and maintenance of it, the following problems ought to be noticed. Firstly, the fuel tank can not work under bending condition. Secondly, the working face of piston rod is strictly prohibited to be scratched. Before use, the anti-rust oil on piston rod should be cleaned with gasoline, or else the anti-rust oil will damage the oil seal.

When the hydraulic boom of crane truck has not been used for a long time, some necessary rust-preventing measures should be taken. For instance, high-quality new oil is needed for replacement. Alternatively, the hydraulic oil in fuel tank must be let out, and then the anti-rust oil is used to seal the end of fuel tank. The workface of fuel tank must always keep clean, and the sealing performance of oil seal should avoid being destroyed. The cotton goods are not allowed to scrub the workface, in case that the cotton fiber will enter the oil seal.

Precautions When Using the High-Pressure Hose
When being connected, the high-pressure hose of crane truck can not be distorted or pulled too tightly. When in use, it should avoid being subjected to shearing impact, squeeze, and some others. While the hose is replaced, both internal and external pipeline must keep clean. The end of spare hose needs an anti-dust cover.

While focusing on the product quality, we also cooperate with plenty of cargo truck chassis manufacturers, so as to adopt all kinds of strengthened and thickened chassis dedicated for our crane truck. This can fully guarantee the perfect matching between truck mounted crane and chassis, as well as the maximum service life of them.

The working pressure of hydraulic hose must satisfy the predetermined pressure of hydraulic system. A relief valve serves to adjust the pressure. During a long-term use or under the high-pressure impact, this hose will not crack. Generally speaking, the standard pressure of hydraulic hose ought to be over 2 times the normally used pressure. The hose should be adaptable to the local temperature.

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