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Gold Prince Concrete Mixer Truck

The Gold Prince concrete mixer truck adopts the L2000 cab of German MAN technology. The cab has compact structure and broad vision. Its door opening angle is large and the cab tilting angle is also large. In addition, the cab is easy to maintain. Adopting Sinotruk engine, HW transmission, and HC16 double reduction drive axle, our product has strong carrying capacity and strong power.

Hydraulic Drive System
All components are imported from Germany and Japan.

Water Supply System
Pressure water supply is adopted, which simplifies structure, saves power, and reduces the weight of theconcrete mixer truck.

Mixing Drum
The mixing drum is pear-shaped and it adopts double helix curved blades. Its surface is coated with two layers of polyurethane topcoat. Due to the adoption of baking varnish, the coating is uniform with strong adhesion and the luster is lasting.

Different blades are used in different cone section, which improves the mixing quality of the concrete. The mixing drum is installed at a small tilt angle. This reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle and ensures good driving stability. In addition, small tile angle is conducive to the discharge of dry hard concrete, thus reducing residual rate.

Operating Device
There are flexible shaft manipulator and connecting rod manipulator. The latter can realize multi-point manipulation.

Feed and Discharge Device
The feed hopper and discharge chute can be rotated by 180 degrees in the horizontal direction, so as to adapt to different discharge position.

6×4 Concrete Mixer Truck

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