Stake Cargo Truck

The stake cargo truck is equipped with a cage type or fence type compartment. Metals bars are installed at a regular distance across the two sides and the top of the compartment. Our product has attractive appearance and rational construction. It is made by advanced technologies.

The frame is made of high-quality steels and is welded according to industry standards. The compartment board is made into corrugated shape, which has high strength while being lightweight. The compartment railing can be dismantled in the middle or completely. It can also be lifted randomly, which is very convenient.

The stake cargo truck is suitable for medium or short-distance road transportation. We can produce double layer live animal transport vehicle or fruits and vegetables transport vehicle as per customer requirements.

The stake cargo truck is also known as transport van.

Product Description
1. The cab adopts a brand new shape design. Three people can sit in the front row.
2. The crossbeam adopts lightweight design. It is made of high strength steels and the carrying capacity is maximized.
3. The height of the cab and chassis is reduced, making it more suitable for transportation.
4. Power assembly with excellent performance is adopted.
5. Double loop, large air chamber air brake accompanied with exhaust auxiliary brake makes braking safe and reliable.
6. The design of the whole vehicle makes modification easier and faster, which can meet the specific modification requirements of various industries.

To make the stake cargo truck lighter, the following measures can be taken.
1. Reduce the plate thickness. This can be simply realized by using steels with higher grades. High-grade steels have high strength, good toughness, and fatigue resistance.
2. Reduce the weight of the rear axle. The axle and suspension weigh almost two tons, so reducing the weight of the rear axle will certainly reduce the weight of the whole vehicle. In addition, adopting disc brakes, 4-piece leaf spring, new lifting lugs, vacuum tire, or single tire is also an effective way.
3. Change the suspension. Adopt bellows type pneumatic suspension, though this is rarely applied.
4. Reduce the weight of the accessories, such as the bumper, side protective nets, net type spare tire rack, toolbox, tarpaulin rack, etc.
5. Adopt suspended rear axle, i.e. lift the last axle when it is not in use.

Suitable for medium and short-distance road transportation, the stake cargo truck will gain rapid popularization due to the highly developed road transport industry, especially the rapidly developed modern logistics industry.

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